True inspiration struck when CEO Westley Noble first saw a handmade grandfather clock made by his Great Grandfather Virgil Noble. Unemployed in the middle of the Great Recession and keeping a positive mindset, he began planning out how to bring Noble Timepieces to life.

After several years of research, planning, and patience, Noble Timepieces was officially brought to life on Kickstarter in June 2014 and there has been no looking back. The official website was launched the same year in September and has continued to grow ever since. What the future holds only time will tell.

What We Stand For


Since our very first timepiece we began to inspire our family, friends, and customers through the names of timepieces and the short stories we include inside our packaging. In a world of negativity being positive is different. We like different and love to encourage our fans to work hard and chase the lifestyle they desire.


100% Designed and engineered in California. We use high quality materials found in watches that cost 2-3 times as much. We do things the hard way and design every last piece from scratch, making each model we release unlike anything before it. We will continue to push the quality up and keep the price down and deliver you a premium timepiece; that’s a promise.

Customer Service:

Something that has disappeared in other companies but is very important to us and also one of our main focuses as we continue to grow. We will always go above and beyond our customers expectations. We strive to deliver quality timepieces and an impressive unboxing experience they soon won’t forget. The customer is our most important asset because without out them we would still be a sketch and a dream.